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Starbucks enjoys a kind of customer loyalty very much coveted by other popular coffee chains. However, with a higher price point than its competitors and a product offering that is becomingly widely replicated, the coffee giant can’t rely on continual product innovation and convenience to keep customers coming back. Cue My Starbucks Rewards – the loyalty programme that incentivises repeat custom. 

Brands are constantly re-evaluated by customers based on the value they feel they are getting.
So my brief was to bring the real benefits of the My Starbucks Rewards programme to life for UK members in bi-monthly emails. The Starbucks master brand tone of voice is very… American, so a significant part of the challenge was to make this iconically American brand feel relevant to the average British customer who can be cynical and adverse to "ad speak” – even if they are partial to a Venti Decaf, Extra Hot, Dry, Sugar-Free Vanilla, Guatemala Antigua Soy Milk Cappuccino. 

Agency: Kitcatt Nohr 
Creative: Kirk Flash

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